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  • What is an RCO?
    A Recovery Community Organization is a non-profit governed community and recovery focused program that provides community connection between people in recovery and allies of recovery. The RCO provides activities, community education, outreach programs, and peer based recovery support services and peer coaching.
  • How can this help Douglasville?
    Many individuals needing services are unable to connect with meaningful resources due to the lack of support or awareness. There is an increased need for services during the COVID pandemic and due to the impacts of the economy. The RCO is a place to provide a point of connection for all members of Douglas County to find the wrap around services they need as well as build relationships with community members. By connecting with others we begin the healing process.
  • What do we offer?
    We are a place for people from all recovery backgrounds to socialize, find services, volunteer, attend workshops, read books, create art, or connect online. The RCO offers peer coaching, art classes, recovery support groups, community workshops, and so much more. The RCO is a safe place for people in recovery and allies of recovery to find comfort, resources, and support for their journey.
  • Who does this benefit?
    The whole community! Providing a safe space for those seeking recovery services, individual support, or simply a place to connect to people who understand their journey, we can end the cycle of substance use disorder.
  • How do we get funding?
    RCOs have been successfully managed throughout the state of Georgia for several years. They have received funding through state and federal grant opportunities, community partnerships, and private donations. 100% of donations are poured directly back into the recovery community.




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