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Welcome to Inspiration Recovery

Image by Debby Hudson

Art is meditative and motivating for many people, myself included. Many of us have arrested emotions (due to unfortunate events that occurred during the socialization process) that cause negative behaviors. For myself and others in recovery art can be a method for confronting and learning to manage emotional pain and depression.  It can increase optimism and renew a sense of purpose which is so important for those of us suffering from substance abuse disorders.  I want to encourage people in recovery to take a journey with me into your unconscious creative mind so that you can heal on a different level than the problems you’re stuck in.

Check out my shop below to purchase some of our unique artwork pieces. Your purchase can help our local RCO...  30% of all proceeds go to The Never Alone Clubhouse!

cyndi 1.jpg

With love and gratitude

- Cyndi Burnett

Art work is inspired by our journey in recovery.

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